Custom Barn Doors in Gainesville, GA

Looking for a unique way to add privacy and functionality to your living space? Covenant Woodworks recommends a custom barn door! Your Gainesville, New Holland, Westside, or McEver, GA home doesn’t need a southwest theme to take advantage of the aesthetic barn doors create. These sliding doors are a great complement to a variety of styles and an intriguing way to partition space or promote privacy.

Our team of experienced craftsmen can design, fabricate and install these doors wherever they’re most apt in your home. We recommend them in prominent areas like dining rooms, master bedrooms, home offices and entertainment spaces.

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Unique Aesthetic Appeal

You won’t find custom barn doors in just any Gainesville, GA home, but done right, they’re an exquisite detail that can enhance just about any décor. Unlike a generic interior door, barn doors feature beautiful detail and intricate millwork accents, and the way they’re hung presents an out-of-the-norm aesthetic that’s instantly intriguing. Complete with hardware (generally brushed), they’re a complete, functional feature for home offices, dining rooms, master suites and other areas of the home that demand privacy.

Single or Dual Barn Doors

Choose from single or dual barn doors and present your home’s interior in a unique way that’s right for the space. Single barn doors are great for entryways where there’s room to extend the track alongside. Dual barn doors are great for more compact spaces, where tracks extend to both sides of the doorframe.

Depending on the area of your Gainesville, GA home you want to install a custom barn door, we’re able to recommend the right door style and size, so you get both privacy and aesthetic all in one, perfectly proportioned.

Enjoy a Functional, Focal Feature

To get more information about custom barn doors or to see some examples of past projects we’ve worked on, contact Covenant Woodworks today. Reach us at 770-535-8446 and share your ideas with us! We’ll be glad to share a few of our own so you’re guaranteed the very best custom barn doors, home offices, and kitchen remodeling for your unique home.

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