Custom Vent Hoods in Gainesville, GA

Vent hoods can be the focal point for an outstanding kitchen. They’re also an important element for safety. Covenant Woodworks pays particular mind to vent hoods during remodeling or upgrades, and we can customize your hood in various styles and finishes to complement your kitchen design. We’re the craftsmen Gainesville, New Holland, Westside, and McEver, GA homeowners trust to design, craft and install a custom vent hood.

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Who says an oven hood has to look like a hood? We create hood installations that go beyond the simple aesthetic of a hood and instead, give you a complementary piece of décor that blends in with your cabinets or masks itself as a piece of the kitchen architecture. However you envision your hood as part of the kitchen, we’ll make it so.


Using the vent hood as a focal point, we’re able to integrate it with the rest of your Gainesville, GA kitchen design via a unique finish. Pick from metallic sheens, matte finishes, anodized or electrostatically painted options to define the appeal of this important kitchen feature.

Size and placement

The location of your stove can play a big part in the design aesthetic of your hood. For stoves against outer walls, against-the-wall hood designs can be built into cabinetry or accented as larger installations. For hoods situated above islands, larger installations that hang low as focal features are common and appealing. We’ll work within the bounds of your kitchen’s layout to help you determine the right size, position and placement of your custom hood.

Hood backsplash

For hoods against walls, a backsplash is the best way to bring appeal and integrity to the hood as a feature. We install stone tile and framed backsplashes in Gainesville, GA kitchens, defining the space and bringing character to your kitchen.


Custom vent hoods are a specialty of ours and you’re liable to see them as a focal point in kitchen remodeling across Gainesville, GA that we’ve taken on. Whether above an island or as part of an exterior wall, we use vent hoods as a feature to give your luxury kitchen personality and intrigue.


Whether functional or purely as a standalone space, we believe islands add depth, dimension and versatility to any kitchen. Let us put our carpentry skills to work, building you a beautiful custom island that looks exceptional and serves the purpose you need it to in your kitchen.

Demand luxury for your kitchen

With particular emphasis on every facet of design, Covenant Woodworks will produce a custom vent hood that exemplifies your kitchen’s décor and theme. Contact our experienced craftsmen today at 770-535-8446 with your ideas for custom vent hood design.

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