Home Office Remodeling in Gainesville, GA

Whether you work from home full time or spend your days consulting, a home office is your sanctuary—a place to separate work life from home life. If the time has come for a home office remodel, entrust the job to Covenant Woodworks. We’ll help you reimagine your office from top to bottom, turning it into a regal atmosphere where work gets done.

Gainesville, New Holland, Westside, and McEver, GA homeowners entrust us with their home offices because we understand the atmosphere these spaces should exude. It’s a place to bask in your accomplishments, buckle down to get work done, and feel surrounded by the professional amenities you need to succeed.

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We build bookshelves to house everything from your grad school texts to your numerous accolades and awards. Opt for bookshelves spanning the length of the wall, over your head, or as standalone installations in your office.


Known for our fine cabinets in Gainesville, GA, we build and install custom cabinets that are ideal for home office use. They’re the perfect installation to keep your office aesthetic looking regal and tidy, and to hide things not meant for prying eyes.


Our experience with millwork means you’re getting a desk that’s uniquely positioned to define your home office. From executive desks, to large L-shaped models, to grandiose desks featuring built-ins and complements, we do it all.


Bring an air of sophistication and executive class to your office through wall paneling. Wood panels and shadowboxing gives any home office that ‘corner office’ feel, and creates an atmosphere where you feel like the master of your professional domain.

Trim and molding

Put the finishing touches on your office with trim and crown molding. Your Gainesville, GA home office remodel will feel complete and well-appointed when it’s framed by precision detail and exquisite design.

Covenant Woodworks Welcomes The Project

Whether you have a home office already or need one dreamed up from scratch, Covenant Woodworks welcomes the project. Turn to us for a functional space that’s distinctly professional and inherently comfortable. Reach us today at 770-535-8446 with your ideas and we’ll begin planning your ideal home office remodel, kitchen remodeling project, or custom island alongside you.

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