Custom Bathroom Vanities in Gainesville, GA

Vanities serve a primary function in bathrooms. They’re where we make ourselves presentable each day, and they’re arguably the most important part of any bathroom. Covenant Woodworks delivers custom vanities as part of bathroom remodeling, made to your specifications and your bathroom’s dimensions.

Homes throughout Gainesville, New Holland, Westside, and McEver, GA have our vanities in them, and they’re enjoyed by people each and every day as they enjoy a luxury grooming experience. Talk to us about your ideas and we’ll handle the rest—including design, features, installation and more.

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Small Vanities

Some bathrooms are little bigger than a closet—but that doesn’t mean they have to feel like one! If your half-bath has limited space, we’ll proportion a small vanity, designed to make the space feel bigger and more accommodating.

Our small vanities are usually an under-sink cabinet system, simple sink and mirror, designed around the décor standards of your bathroom. Whether you prefer something understated and simple or want to make the vanity the centerpiece of the half-bath, we’ll make a big statement with a small vanity.

Large Vanities

In larger full bathrooms, large vanities are a must-have amenity. From Jack-and-Jill sinks with a broad-length mirror, to an elaborate vanity with drawers, cabinetry, shelving, cubbies, lighting and more, we’ll give your bathroom an amazing upgrade with a single amenity. Couple this with beautiful hardware, elegant countertops and versatile fixtures, and you’re guaranteed a vanity that’s worth spending time in front of.

Our large vanities are what take Gainesville, GA bathrooms from comfortable and welcoming to inviting and heavenly! We help you put the pampering aspect back in daily grooming.

Get a Vanity You’ll Use Daily

Covenant Woodworks has become well-known for our custom vanities. Using the highest caliber materials and delicate craftsmanship, we create vanities and custom closets that are perfectly-proportioned and sublimely constructed for your bathroom or family room. Contact us today at 770-535-8446 to begin discussing your ideas.

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