The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Storage Designs

If you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen anytime soon, one of the decisions you’ll need to make will concern the kind of kitchen cabinet storage you implement. There are a lot of custom cabinet storage options, more than you might expect when you first begin the remodeling process, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various common options that are available and the benefits that come with them.

Here’s a quick look at several custom cabinet options you might wish to consider for your Gainesville, GA home.

Pull-out racks

You can install pull-out racks in an existing cabinet space, or add them into new ones to revolutionize your storage. These racks come in a range of different styles. For cookie sheets or cutting boards, for example, you might wish to use vertical racks. For pots and pans, you might look for larger sliding racks. If you have a lot of Tupperware or pots and pans, you can select a lid storage rack that will keep things tidy and organized.

The whole purpose is to make it easier for you to access the items you have in storage in these cabinets so you don’t have to get on your hands and knees to reach the back of the cabinet.

Lazy Susan

The lazy Susan is a classic kitchen cupboard storage mechanism that can make a huge difference in corners and tight spaces. You tend to lose a lot of space in corners, and might find it difficult to reach back into them to get the items you’re looking for. With a lazy Susan, you put the items you want on the corner on the disc, and then spin it around clockwise or counter-clockwise to easily access whatever you need.

Lazy Susans can be used in any cabinet in your kitchen. When used on higher shelves, they make it easier to reach certain items, especially if you’re vertically challenged. As with pull-out racks, you can add a lazy Susan to an existing cabinet or find ways to incorporate them into new builds.

Tiered organizers

Tiered shelf organizers make it easier for you to organize certain items like spices and canned goods. They keep the labels visible and have a stair-step design that is perfect for small spaces. You can find them in a variety of materials, including plastic, bamboo and wire racks, and they come in many different sizes to fit your needs.

Extended cabinetry

You can significantly increase your kitchen cupboard storage by removing soffits and extending your cabinets up to the ceiling. The upper-most cabinets can then be used for storing items you rarely use, or small appliances you don’t want on the countertop. You may need a stool or stepladder to be able to access the upper cabinets, but the extra storage space is more than worth the slightly greater effort it takes to access it.

For more information about making the most of your kitchen cabinet storage space in Gainesville, GA, contact the woodworkers at Covenant Woodworks today.

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