When Is the Best Time to Start Your Kitchen Remodel?

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms for homeowners to revamp and overhaul. Many of us take our cooking seriously and want to have the right appliances and space, while others think of it as a critical gathering space for friends and family to enjoy fun times. No matter what purpose the kitchen serves in your household, sometimes a remodel is a necessary step that can bring it into better alignment with your priorities.

But when is the best time to tackle a kitchen remodeling project? If you’re considering a kitchen remodel in Gainesville, GA, here are some things you should know about when to time the project for the best and most efficient results.

Most times work

To be clear, there isn’t really a “bad time” to start working on a kitchen remodel in Gainesville, GA. However, there are times when it can be better for both the client and the contractor to work together on a project. There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing different seasons based on factors like weather and scheduling, but one of the best times to try and set up a remodeling job is in the summer. Spring and fall tend to be more popular, so this is your chance to potentially save some money and time by working with a contractor who might not be as busy as they normally are.

Take a vacation

Summertime is typically when the kids are out of school and parents can take some time away from work as things slow down a bit. As a result, vacations are a popular summertime activity for many Americans, and scheduling a kitchen remodel when you’re already planning on being out of town might not be such a bad idea. It can save you from being exposed to the sound and the dust of construction, to say nothing of the disruption that comes with having a kitchen that’s mostly unusable for a few weeks on end. A good remodeling contractor in Gainesville, GA will be able to work with you to determine a good schedule and make sure your remodel is done with minimal disruption.

Take advantage of natural light

One benefit of a kitchen remodel in Gainesville, GA that many people might not consider right off the bat is that natural light is never better than in the summertime. Things just look different in natural light—colors pop differently, and layouts might not look as clean as you thought they did. Working with plenty of natural light available gives you the chance to see items away from a showroom floor and could reveal options you hadn’t even been considering.

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, give some thought to the best time of year to complete this project. Summertime gives you a degree of flexibility other seasons might not be able to match. There’s still time, so give Covenant Woodworks a call today and schedule an estimate for your next big kitchen project—we look forward to working with you soon!

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