Five Biggest Kitchen Remodeling Myths

Remodeling a kitchen is a significant undertaking that requires a major investment of both money and time. As you research the process, you’ll find an abundance of resources that offer inaccurate advice. Following these tips or suggestions could result in costly mistakes or unsatisfactory final results. When exploring your options for kitchen remodeling in Gainesville, GA, don’t let the following five misleading myths ruin your plans.

Avoid these mistakes when remodeling your kitchen

It doesn’t matter if you’re renovating your entire kitchen or just focusing on kitchen cabinet remodeling in Gainesville, GA. You should ignore any person, website, blog or other informational sources that offer these myths as suggestions:

  • MYTH—Work can begin immediately: Once you’ve hired a contractor, there’s a lot of prep work required before tearing up your kitchen can commence. This includes designing your new kitchen, sourcing materials, evaluating the existing space and obtaining necessary permits. A contractor that starts renovating your kitchen without taking these vital steps beforehand will create time-wasting and expensive mistakes throughout the project.
  • MYTH—You don’t need to make a plan: Wasting time and resources while remodeling your kitchen costs you way more money than initially anticipated. A contractor that provides an estimate but doesn’t make detailed plans for your project will likely exceed your budget and take much longer to finish the work. Figuring things out as you go will create much more hassle than you want, so find a contractor that provides detailed plans for your remodeling project.
  • MYTH—You can do the project yourself: We appreciate the enthusiasm you bring to the project. However, unless you’re a contractor, handling a kitchen remodel on your own will not go as well as you hope. Sure, there’s plenty of tutorials available online, but these videos and articles offer broad generalizations about remodeling work that may not apply to your particular kitchen. Quite a few homeowners come to us about kitchen cabinet remodeling in Gainesville, GA when they’ve tried it themselves but found the information they relied on wasn’t thorough enough.
  • MYTH—Bigger is better: The most common request from clients remodeling their kitchens is to make the space bigger. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an option, depending on the limitations of your home’s structure and your budget. That doesn’t mean we can’t improve many aspects of your kitchen, such as storage, appliances, flooring, lighting, cabinets and many other elements. Our clients who want bigger kitchens are always amazed at how a thorough remodel offers the extra room they initially wanted.
  • MYTH—You should try to keep up with current trends: While it’s great to look at trends for inspiration, you don’t want to remodel your kitchen based entirely on what’s most popular right now. Doing so may result in a very stylish kitchen for a few years, but will very quickly become dated. Before you know it, you’ll probably want to redo your kitchen to eliminate all of those trendy touches you added when you originally remodeled!

When you’re ready to speak with contractors about kitchen remodeling in Gainesville, GA, get in touch with Covenant Woodworks. We have years of experience helping homeowners just like you transform their aging kitchens into bright new spaces that make cooking easier and more enjoyable. Contact us now for more information.

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