How to Turn Any Space Into a Mudroom

Certain parts of the home become afterthoughts with time. They become catch-all places for random items, usually overcluttered and with no organizational system in place. This is especially common with laundry rooms and mudrooms. We’ve found that mudroom remodeling in Gainesville, GA offers you and your family the dedicated space needed to store essentials and sit comfortably when preparing to leave and return home.

Create a dedicated mudroom with limited space

Even if your mudroom shares space with your laundry room, or if you have a narrow hallway to use for this purpose, there’s still plenty of options for adding this helpful nook to your home. We recommend starting with built-in cabinets in Gainesville, GA. With cabinets custom designed to fit into the available space, your family will finally have a dedicated area to store your jackets, shoes, backpacks, purses and other items you’ll need when you’re getting ready to head out the door.

It’s all about storage

One of the most common reasons people hire Covenant Woodworks is to add more storage space to their homes. Many find that there’s never quite enough places to stash their stuff. Creating a mudroom with built-in cabinets in Gainesville, GA addresses the primary concerns customers bring to us. Other storage options for your mudroom include adding hooks, drawers and shelves, so you and your family always have a place to keep your personal belongings.

Once you’ve added built-in storage options, find baskets or bins that match your design aesthetic. Assign a basket or container to everyone in your home. That’s where they can store gloves, hats, scarves, sunglasses, keys and anything else they might need as they prepare to leave the house.

Make it cozy

One of the purposes of a mudroom is to provide a place for people to stop, take off their dirty shoes and hang their coats. Part of what you should include in your mudroom design is some kind of bench or seating area. This makes it easy for people to quickly sit down, remove their shoes, put them in the designated storage cubby and not track mud, grime and other unwanted messiness into your home.

But people won’t stop at your mudroom to remove their jackets and shoes if doing so is not comfortable. Add some pillows or padding to make it inviting. Find small plants or art pieces to put in your mudroom so the space doesn’t feel stark and purely utilitarian. If you’re incorporating a mudroom into an existing area, like a laundry room or kitchen, make sure the décor, cabinets and other elements match.

Get creative

You can create a mudroom out of almost any space. We’ve transformed hallways, closets, kitchen corners and unused areas in laundry rooms into mudrooms. If you want a mudroom in your home but don’t think you have the space for it, consult Covenant Woodworks. You’d be surprised how little square footage is often necessary to create a dedicated space for shoes, jackets and more.

If you need a contractor who can handle your mudroom remodeling in Gainesville, GA, reach out to us today. We’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners just like you to create the mudrooms they envisioned for their homes. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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