Seven Home Office Remodel Ideas for the Perfect Remote Workspace

Everyone is getting a good taste of what working from home looks and feels like these days. After the pandemic, traditional workplaces may never be the same. More workers can expect to work from home with increasing frequency or permanency, making strong home office organization a must for the Gainesville, GA workforce.

A home office remodel is a great opportunity to organize the clutter in your workspace. A few simple tips can help you upgrade your home workspace and find joy in working from home:

  • Upgrade your cabinetry: Home office organization keeps you productive by keeping important documents arranged and prioritized. Keep clutter out of your video backdrop and appear professional to colleagues and clients alike.
  • Select furniture for its ergonomic benefits: Your desk and chair are where you spend most of your time when working from home. They can either help improve your health by providing ergonomic support or can have a negative impact on your back, neck and other muscles. To avoid strain, pick the right office furniture for your needs.
  • Bring color to your home office: One of the most liberating parts of working from home is that you are not subjected to drab or lifeless communal workspaces. You can personalize your home office and keep it lively through use of color play. Bright pops of color bring joy, cooling blues calm you down during stressful situations and feng shui principles can improve focus and clarity.
  • Natural beauty indoors and out: Houseplants can both show off your unique style as well as provide a natural accent point for your room. Plants are known to reduce stress and connect you with the world outside, which is important if you are working long hours indoors.
  • Consider lighting: Without good lighting, it can be a drag to work through the day. Unfortunately, light affects not only our mood, but also how professional we look on video calls. Place lamps and overhead lights accordingly, or sidle your desk up to a wall near the window.
  • Keep essentials close by: Your home office storage should be functional and utilitarian. Easy access to important essentials helps you keep the flow of your day moving forward.
  • Decorate with thoughtful pieces: Art and books should be arranged to reflect your personality. They should work in a variety of settings and serve as a professional counterpoint in your home.

Of course, working from home will always be different than working in an office with coworkers and clients. But a great home office remodel in Gainesville, GA takes into account what is most important: functional spaces that connect you with others and create a positive work-from-home environment.

When you’re ready to upgrade, work with the experts

The perfect workspace is possible, but designing your dream takes coordination and expertise. Nobody should have to navigate the choices, costs and timeline alone.

Instead, work with the professionals at Covenant Woodworks in Gainesville, GA to bring customized cabinetry and storage solutions to your home office remodel. Contact us today for an appointment or consultation.

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