Four Reasons You Should Invest in a Custom Range Hood

The kitchen is the center of any home. It’s the place family gathers, where you entertain guests, prepare meals and chat with friends. Making design choices for your kitchen is incredibly important when it comes to enjoying and making the best use of your space.

If you’re investing in a kitchen remodel, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is a custom vent hood. Custom hoods have a huge impact on the look and environment of your kitchen. Here are four reasons to opt for custom vent hoods for your kitchen remodel in the Gainesville, GA area.

Kitchen air quality

Anyone who’s lived without a vent hood knows that it can be worth any amount of money or inconvenience to include one in a kitchen remodel. If you don’t have a vent hood, you run the risk of flooding your home with cooking smells, grease and any byproducts of a gas range and oven. If you don’t want to set off smoke alarms every time you sear a steak or let your drapes and upholstery absorb the smells of your dinner, a custom vent hood is your best bet.

Having a vent hood will also help cut down on the grime and grease that collects on surfaces. Custom hoods offer more options and higher quality than some mass-produced hoods, and will keep your kitchen and the rest of your home cooler, cleaner and smelling fresh.

Design quality

Along with the important functional service they offer, custom vent hoods can be designed to look seamlessly stylish with the rest of your beautiful new kitchen. Who says an oven hood has to look like a hood? The experts at Covenant Woodworks in Gainesville, GA can create hood installations that go beyond the simple aesthetic of a hood and instead give you a complementary piece of décor that blends in with your cabinets or masks itself as a piece of the kitchen architecture. However you envision your hood as part of the kitchen, Covenant Woodworks can make it happen.


Lighting is especially important in kitchens. If you can’t see properly while cooking, you can’t tell when your meat is cooked through or the vegetables are burning. Custom vent hoods offer a stylish way to enhance kitchen lighting where you need it the most: over your stovetop.


When you invest in something like a kitchen remodel, choices like a custom vent hood will add value to your home. If you ever sell your home, potential buyers will be attracted to the function and the luxurious, unique design of a custom vent hood.

Get a custom vent hood today

Kitchen remodels are expensive, time-consuming and inconvenient. It’s not easy to hit pause on having access to your kitchen. If you’re going to overcome the hassle and expense of clearing out your cabinets and drawers, eating carryout and more, it’s worth it to get to the other side with something you truly love. If you’re interested in optimizing your kitchen remodel, contact the experts at Covenant Woodworks in Gainesville, GA to get started on your custom hood design today.

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