Things to Consider When Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinet Door Style

Designing your new kitchen is an exciting process that should be enjoyed every step of the way. During the kitchen design and remodeling process, it’s important to not neglect choosing the perfect cabinet door style. There are plenty of things you should consider when trying to choose the perfect kitchen cabinet door style, including cost and durability.

Your kitchen cabinets should also match with the style of the rest of your Gainesville, GA kitchen. Finding the perfect cabinet door design could take some time, but it’ll all be worth it when you’re standing in your beautiful new space.

How durable do the cabinets need to be?

Some people only think about the look of their future cabinet doors and don’t consider how durable they should be. You don’t want to invest in beautiful cabinet doors only for them to break in a few years. This is why it’s important to choose the right type of wood. Some people opt for plywood because of its value, but if you want a sleek, modern-looking kitchen, it’s best to invest in real wood cabinets.

Most types of oak cabinet doors are extremely durable and can be worked to fit anyone’s stylistic choices. Hickory is another durable type of wood, but it can be damaged with harsh cleaning materials. Other durable wood options include cherry, maple and pine.

The aesthetics of your kitchen

All aspects of your kitchen’s aesthetics should be considered when choosing the perfect kitchen cabinet door style. This can include your floors and countertops, as well as your appliances. Of course, you want the color to match, but it’s important you choose a design that doesn’t clash. You should also consider whether you’re going to paint your cabinets or not.

Even if you have an idea of the perfect design, it’s best to consult with your kitchen remodeling company in Gainesville, GA. They can usually provide you with the best design advice and recommend the best type of wood for your needs.

What’s your price range?

Some types of wood cost more than others, so it’s important to consider your budget before choosing cabinets. Natural woods, on average, are going to cost more than plywood or other synthetic wood. There are, however, plenty of relatively inexpensive natural woods available.

Pine is an excellent choice for any cabinet door, and is usually on the cheaper side. It’s a quality wood that isn’t easily damaged and looks great with most kitchen aesthetics. Maple is another beautiful natural wood that can be quite cost-efficient.

Some cabinet styles require more maintenance than others

Some cabinets need more care than others. Certain types of woods require thorough cleaning, while others could be damaged from too much cleaning. No matter what cabinet design you settle on, it’s important to properly maintain the wood. Consult your custom cabinetry contractor for advice on properly maintaining your cabinets. With proper care, the kitchen cabinets in your Gainesville, GA home will look new for a long time!

You will be looking at your cabinets for years to come, so be sure you choose the right material design! For quality kitchen cabinets made by professional woodworkers, contact Covenant Woodworks today.

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