The Pros and Cons of a Kitchen Island

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a central hub for gathering with family and friends, and it’s also an important space for meal prep and other activities. Because this space is so integral to your home and family life, it’s important to choose the best layout and design for this room. Kitchen islands are a popular choice, but they don’t work in every setting. Use the following island considerations to determine if this is something you should include in your kitchen.

Pros of kitchen islands

On the upside, kitchen islands offer several advantages:

  • More counter space: How often have you wished for just a few extra inches for chopping, slicing or mixing? Kitchen islands can provide several extra feet of counter space to spread out while you’re preparing or serving food.
  • More storage: Have you gotten creative with kitchen storage? Perhaps a few of your dishes or small appliances live in the basement or a closet somewhere because there simply isn’t enough room in the kitchen. Kitchen islands are great for additional storage space, and can often hold odd-shaped items that won’t fit elsewhere.
  • More eating area: Could you use an extra place for a quick breakfast, or for the kids to eat lunch, or for a snack during homework time? Kitchen islands can make a great extra eating area to provide options for large or busy families or adults on the go.
  • More functions: Would you like to add an appliance but don’t have the room in your current kitchen layout? An important island consideration is the opportunity it opens up for new types of work spaces. You might incorporate a cooktop, a dishwasher, a small sink or other appliances or tools that enhance the functionality of your kitchen.
  • More interaction: Kitchen islands allow you to create a more open floor plan, which allows the cook to interact with people outside of the kitchen. It’s also easier to keep an eye on the kids. You don’t have to have your back turned to the world as you work in the kitchen.

The cons of kitchen islands

With so many benefits, you may wonder if there are any drawbacks to kitchen islands. There might be. Keep in mind the following island considerations:

  • More cost: Of course, kitchen islands aren’t free. To add this feature to your kitchen involves additional cost. Depending on the current layout of your space, the cost could be extensive.
  • More obstacles: The ideal kitchen layout is a triangle of refrigerator, sink and stove. Adding a kitchen island could disrupt the flow of your kitchen. Be sure to consider the overall function of the space, with and without the island, to determine which arrangement would be best.

Get expert insight

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