His and Hers Closet Design Tips

Ah, a nice, big walk-in closet. It should be easy to divvy up all this space between you and your partner, right?

Well, not quite. You might be tempted to just divide it down the middle and live with the results, but then you’ll inevitably begin negotiating for space here and there. Of course, separating it into two spaces with his and hers closets can make life much easier. Here are some closet design tips that could improve your relationship.

Take stock of closet contents

Organize your clothing, shoes, accessories and anything else you’ll be storing in the closet ahead of time. Group like items together. Then you’ll want to measure anything you’ll want to hang. Men’s and women’s clothing are sized differently, so you’ll need to determine exactly which racks will be best suited for the clothing you have. Anything you use frequently should be stored in an easy-to-access part of the closet.

Don’t divide and conquer

You might think that it’s a good idea to say, “You take one half, and I’ll take the other.” But the fact is that you and your partner likely don’t have the same amount of clothing, accessories, shoes, etc.

In the long run, you’ll be happier if you divide the space according to need. Maybe she’ll need more hanging space, and he’ll need more drawers. Make it clear exactly whose space each part of the closet is beforehand. This goes hand in hand with taking stock of your what you’ll be storing before divvying up the space.

This is made much easier through a his and hers closet design that’s tailored to each person’s needs. Customized closets mean your needs are taken into account ahead of time.

Keep the floor clean

The closet is one of those spaces where it’s easy for all sorts of items to pile up. The toys your kid no longer uses, random boxes, dirty laundry, luggage, storage totes—they all somehow find their way to the closet.

Resist this urge. Piling up a bunch of stuff that doesn’t belong in the closet will make the space look and feel more cluttered and disorganized. That leads to difficulty finding the clothes you store in the closet.

Make clothes and accessories easy to see

The morning is often a stressful time of day. You’re getting ready for work, and you’re running late. You don’t need anything else impeding your path to your clothes. This will make it more difficult to make a decision on what to wear.

Don’t hide your closet’s contents behind another door. What you might gain in organization, you lose in conveniences. Store your hats, purses, sunglasses and other accessories on open or pull-out shelves. This way, your closet will be more like your own personal store, offering the full array of your wardrobe every time you walk in.

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