Custom Features That Will Make Your Closet Stand Out

Ready to invest in a custom closet? Not only will you enjoy more space to store your clothes, but you’ll also have proper spots to store other things.

As you plan your custom closet renovation project, here are some of the best closet features you should include to make the most of your space and keep your things organized.

Built-in hampers

While closets offer space to store clean clothes and accessories, what should you do with your dirty clothes that are ready for the laundry? Built-in hampers offer a discrete storage solution for dirty clothes, keeping them out of the way until laundry day. Consider upgrading to a tilt-out hamper for even more convenience.


Hooks are simple yet effective storage solutions in a custom closet. They make it easy for you to store hats, bags, robes or clothes you plan to wear in the near future. Instead of tossing your clothes on the floor or folding them in your dresser, just hang them up on a hook. Hooks come in all shapes, sizes and styles and are ideal for closets of any size.

Shoe storage

A dedicated shoe storage solution is one of the most useful custom closet features you can add to your space. A basic shoe rack just doesn’t cut it since shoes don’t stay put and often fall off the rack into a pile on the closet floor. As you design your custom closet, make sure to include built-in shelves for dress shoes or high heels, as well as cubbies that can store sneakers, sandals, flip-flops and flats.

Belt and tie racks

If you have several belts and ties, store them in an efficient, attractive way by including belt and tie racks in the design of your custom closet. These simple features improve organization in your closet, giving these small items a place of their own so that you can easily access them as you’re getting ready.

Fold-out ironing board

Nothing disrupts your morning routine quite like discovering that the shirt you planned on wearing was wrinkled. Add a fold-out ironing board to your custom closet to make the process easier and more organized. While it won’t make the task of ironing easier, you can simply fold up the ironing board into the closet and out of sight when you’re done.

Closet island

If you have a walk-in closet with plenty of space, consider adding a custom island in the center of the room. Custom islands can have drawers to hold watches, jewelry, underwear, socks and other small items that need to stay organized. The surface of the island can be used for folding or organizing clothing. You can even add power to the island, allowing you to charge phones or other small electronics.

How can you bring your dreams of a custom closet to life? Contact the team at Covenant Woodworks today. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been designing and building custom closets that make everyday life at home easier and more organized. Reach out to schedule a consultation and get started on your project!

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