Pros and Cons of Double-Stacked Kitchen Cabinets

For many prospective home buyers, the kitchen is important to them. This is because most families spend a lot of time in their kitchen between cooking, eating and socializing. A key design feature of most kitchens is the cabinetry.

Various types of kitchen cabinets have their respective pros and cons. Double-stacked kitchen cabinets are becoming more prominent, as people aim to maximize their kitchen’s functional storage space.

There are multiple benefits and disadvantages to installing double-stacked kitchen cabinets, and we’ll cover a few of them in this article.


There’s a reason many people are choosing double-stacked kitchen cabinets for their kitchens these days. In covering these kitchen cabinet pros and cons, let’s begin with the positive:

  • Additional storage space: When it comes to the practical aspects of double-stacked kitchen cabinets, the storage space they provide is a serious benefit. If you do a lot of your cooking at home, you’ll need storage space for all your various pots, pans, stones, bowls and cooking racks. Double-stacked kitchen cabinets usually go all the way to your kitchen’s ceiling, maximizing the amount of useful storage space in your kitchen.
  • Offers aesthetic continuity: We began with a utilitarian benefit, and now we’ll examine an artistic advantage. Double-stacked kitchen cabinets offer a sleek, uniform and continuous look. They eliminate the gap between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling that comes with traditional kitchen cabinets. For a streamlined, cohesive and finished style, you should consider double-stacked kitchen
  • Ideal display space: Double-stacked kitchen cabinets present you with more options. If you’d prefer, you can use the top layer of your kitchen cabinets as a display space. Glass doors can provide an elegant way of showing off some of your classier pieces like silver platters or fine c This display method also works because it allows you to showcase your pieces while also protecting them from dust, dirt and debris.


While there are some legitimate benefits to installing double-stacked kitchen cabinets, there are some significant drawbacks as well, which we’ll touch on below:

  • Difficult to access: While extra storage space is nice, you’ll likely need to have a step stool or miniature ladder nearby to be able to reach the top shelves of your double-stacked kitchen This could be inconvenient and may cause you to simply not use the items located on the top shelves.
  • Expensive: More cabinetry in your kitchen means it’s going to cost more to have it installed. This is especially the case if you elect to put in glass doors on your top shelves, as you’ll have to pay for the glass and the labor in addition to the extra wood for the cabinets.
  • Packed-in feeling: If your kitchen is narrow to begin with, installing double-stacked kitchen cabinets could make it feel even more cramped or claustrophobic. The last thing you want to feel in your kitchen is boxed in, so consider that before putting in double-stacked kitchen

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