Tile vs. Laminate: How To Choose Your Bathroom Floor

Flooring is a huge deal that can change how your home looks and the overall feel of your bathroom. The right flooring can have a big effect on the way your home looks and can also affect your home’s value. When it comes to laminate or tile, there are benefits to both. When looking for bathroom remodeling tips, floors are such a huge issue.

How To Choose a Bathroom Floor

Laminate flooring is made of three layers of plastic, the base layer or rigid layer, the image layer, and the clear protective layer. These three layers are heat-pressed together so that they do not separate. A laminate floor can look like wood or stone, or it can be colored brightly, and more. This is a great option if you want something that will be less expensive and durable. Laminate is going to be a wonderful option for your bathroom.

Tile can be made of two things: natural stone that is cut and polished to the tile shape and finish that we are used to, or they can be made of manmade ceramics. Stone tiles are a bit more expensive, and they come in colors like onyx, marble, quartzite and more.

These are both great options that are beautiful. They are varied enough that you can surely find a tile or a laminate option that will work for you and that is going to be beautiful for your bathroom. When choosing your flooring, you want to think about things like durability, water resistance, the overall shape of the bathroom, and how often the room is used.

Which Is Cheaper?

As a rule, laminate will be far less pricey than tile. This is because it costs less to produce it. It is also easier to install than tile, and you may be able to install it yourself. Laminate is an easy flooring that will be very versatile. It is going to be very accessible, and it is a simple and effective in flooring for bathrooms.

Tile is very water-resistant, it is also very pretty, and there are tons of different styles and colors to find the option that fits your needs. Laminate is also very water-resistant; this means that in a wet room like the bathroom, you will ensure that your flooring will not be affected.

Both are great options. The key is to find the one that fits your budget, your overall design aesthetic, and makes you happy. Laminate is very easy to clean, easy to find, and a great option. If you have a bit more money and want a more luxe look, tile is also a great option.  

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