How To Plan a Stunning Walk-In Pantry

For any keen cook or neatness enthusiast, a walk-in pantry can be an excellent way to keep your kitchen space neat and tidy. They also provide a sense of connection and add ergonomic ease to your cooking experience. That’s because a walk-in pantry can be used to prepare food, store appliances, and hide messes. With so many ideas and styles to choose from, deciding how to design a pantry may seem daunting, especially if you’re unsure of what you want.

Personalize Your Space

Space determines the overall design of your walk-in pantry. That will mean choosing between a U-shape, an L-shape, or a straight-line design. If you already have an idea and practical elements of the pantry you want, it’s easier to plan and put your ideas into action. Every homeowner has different kitchen and organizational skills. For instance, you can have a bar with enough space for glasses, wine bottles, and cocktail paraphernalia. If your kitchen seems small, you can maximize your walk-in pantry to keep appliances and other items that can clutter the kitchen. For more storage space, you can go for open shelves and drawers from the floor to the ceiling and use pantry organizers to help store your species and other items.

Add Enough Lighting

Windowless pantries can be challenging to work with. You will need to keep the doors open when you want to get something or use a flashlight. A walk-in pantry should be well lit for visibility. A single bulb in the middle may not be adequate to light up sophisticated and intuitive storage. You need to install thoughtfully placed spotlights in your kitchen and pantry to ensure that every area receives enough light.

Hide It

Most kitchens with a tight space incorporate a bifold door or a cavity door for a pantry. This helps keep the zone off-limits and makes it visible and accessible only when you need it. It’s a great design, especially if it’s too full or poorly lit.

Decorate It as You Would a Kitchen

A walk-in pantry is your mini kitchen. That means you will be using it every day, depending on your kitchen size and amount of cooking. You may want to dedicate time and resources to the interior design of your pantry as you would any other room in your home. Give every part a unique, stylish, and complementary finish to look like an extension of your kitchen.

Show It Off With a Glass Door

If you’ve worked on your walk-in pantry and are proud of how it looks, why not share it with the world? A spacious pantry is easy to organize and keep neat. A glass door can help show part of it to the world. However, open pantries are not so common as most people want to maximize storage, which means adding storage shelves on the doors.

Let Us Help You Get Your Dream Pantry

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