Custom Closets: Need To Know

Are you gearing up to do renovations on your home? Perhaps you’ve considered designing and implementing custom closets for the bedrooms in your home. 

There are a few things you may need to take into consideration before starting to plan your dream bedroom layout with the perfect custom closet. 

What to consider before building a custom closet

Building a custom closet is about building a space that is uniquely suited to your individual needs and the space available. Consider these custom closet ideas for your custom closet design, and be aware of these five factors before designing your perfect closet.

1. How much space is available

You should consider how much space you have available to build your custom closet. The core concept of a custom closet is to use space wisely and economically while at the same time appearing aesthetically pleasing.

However, if there still isn’t sufficient space available, consider how much room is available in the adjacent room. If you are renovating your entire home, you may want to look into breaking through a wall and utilizing some of the space in an adjacent room if the room can afford to let that extra space go.

If not, you may want to look into the design process and how you can maximize the existing space.

2. Design features

You may want to take an inventory of your existing closet to determine what your custom closet may need to include.

For example, do you own many pairs of shoes? What is your clothing style? Do you mainly wear long pieces such as dresses and coats or shorter pieces such as blouses, tops, and hoodies? Do you have a collection of belts and handbags?

Grouping items together will help you design the perfect custom closet. You may need to allocate more space for shoes or have an extra rack for handbags. Perhaps you need to alter the rails to incorporate longer rails than shorter rails, or vice versa.

3. Sharing closet space

Will your closet serve as a double closet or two single closets? This may also affect the design process as your partner may have different design needs than you do, which may call for a truly custom design. 

Frequently worn pieces should be at waist level in close reach. More frequently used items such as underwear and socks may need to be put in higher drawers where they are easier to reach. Pieces that are worn less frequently may be placed in lower drawers.

4. Storage elements

Limit drawers in your design as they take up a lot of space. Rather replace them with shelving. Shelving allows you to easily view items and uses up less space.

Lift shoes off the floor and incorporate a design space for shoes to free up more closet space and create a look that isn’t so busy. 

5. A touch of luxury

You may want to consider putting in lights for your custom closet. If you have enough space, add a center island, custom seating, or a valet bar. You could add a hanging tie rack or an ironing board inside your closet. 

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