10 Bathroom Remodel Upgrades You Need in Your Life

Everyone needs a good bathroom remodeling project in their lives at some point. Now might be just the right time to remodel your bathroom or change its personality a little bit. These are some upgrade ideas for the bathroom if you’re currently struggling to decide what to do to spruce up your area:

1. Change the Bathtub Type


Installing a contemporary tub can spruce up your bathroom and give you more room to bathe. Thus, it’s an excellent option to consider.  

2. Experiment With the Countertop


Your bathroom countertop is an amazing area to experiment with. Therefore, it should be one of the first areas to make changes when you give your bathroom a makeover. Try changing your existing one to a gorgeous marble texture for the allure and the easy-to-clean feature. 

3. Install Sophisticated Flooring 


Many homeowners jazz up their bathrooms by changing the flooring. You can choose from an array of flooring options, such as contemporary tiling or carpeting. Heated bathroom flooring has become a popular thing in modern design as well. 

4. Add Some Gorgeous Storage


The possibilities are virtually endless regarding placing extra storage in your bathroom. You can use anything from raised wooden cabinets to standing racks with shelves. The most crucial factor is the aesthetic brilliance. 

5. Install a Towel Warmer Rack or Bar


Installing extra towel racks or bars is a brilliant idea. Adding towel warmers is an innovative idea. The warmers come in various styles and sizes and can keep your towels nice and comfy for you. 

6. Experiment With the Lighting


Another way to switch up your bathroom is to experiment with the lighting. Maybe you’ll want your bathroom to be brighter to add life to your bathing and showering experiences. Consider adding some crystal LEDs or vanity lights to give your special area some new flair.

7. Change Your Shower Enclosure


The shower enclosure is something else you might want to change if you’re bored with your bathroom’s current appearance. You can choose from a variety of transparent enclosure types or go the complete opposite way and install a privacy-style product.  

8. Try New Faucets


Installing new faucets can give your bathroom sink a completely new look. It’s the perfect thing to do if you want to add an element of elegance or mystique to your bathroom. 

9. Change the Shower Tiles


There’s no limit to the changes you can make to your shower tiles. You can choose from a world full of vibrant colors and captivating styles. Furthermore, you can create a unique bathroom that no one else has. 

10. Re-position the Shower Drain


You probably didn’t think of the shower drain, but you can change that too. Consider re-positioning it or even changing it to a linear drain. 

Those are just a few exciting bathroom remodeling ideas. The best way to start is to make one small change in your bathroom. You’ll suddenly get a flood of new innovative ideas for enhancements. Be bold; embrace every idea and try things that seem a little outlandish. 

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