Are Built-Ins Back in Demand?

Built-in storage can be a blessing or a curse for you as a homeowner. One thing is for sure about them, though: They’re fantastic stuff holders. These are common questions about them and their current value so that you can determine whether to embrace them or shy away from them.


Are Built-Ins Back in Style?

It appears that the built-ins never went out of style. We just had a dormant period during which we didn’t hear much about them. Some homeowners absolutely adore built-ins, while others steer clear of them. Every person is different, but many still seek homes with built-ins. 

Do Built-Ins Add Value to a Home?

Built-ins can add value to a home because of their rarity. Homeseekers might engage in a bidding war to get a house that has built-ins around the fireplace, for example. The fireplace is a value raiser in itself, but the built-ins knock it out of the park. Typically, these items can add $1,000 to $5,000 to a home’s value. 

What Are the Benefits of Built-Ins?

Built-ins give homeowners a wealth of benefits. These are some of the most prevalent:

They Save Space

The space-saving aspect of built-in storage is the number one reason people love it. They can store a large number of items inside the structure, and they don’t have to lose any space with extra furniture.

They’re Attractive and Unique

Built-in storage is also attractive and unique. No two built-ins look exactly the same, and owners can get pretty creative when they put them together. 

They Blend In 

Built-ins blend in with the walls, stairs, and other items instead of sticking out like standalone storage products. Because of that, they make rooms seem a lot more spacious while maintaining a certain level of coziness. 

What Are the Negatives of Having Built-Ins?

Built-ins aren’t all flowers and roses, as they do have some hindrances and negative qualities. These are a few:

You Can’t Move Them Around

You can’t move built-ins because they are embedded into the wall. Thus, at least one spot in the room will stay the same when you decide to rearrange your furniture for a new look.  

The Space Is Fixed

The space in the storage bins is fixed and can’t be changed or adjusted. Therefore, not everything will fit into those spaces. If you only have a few bulky items, it might not be so bad. However, it can be frustrating if you have many items you can’t store there. 

Built-ins aren’t adjustable. Therefore, the items you want to store in them have to be a specific size for them to work. Otherwise, you’ll have to do something else with those items. The built-in’s concrete measurements might cause you to have this issue more frequently than not. 

You can carefully determine whether built-ins will be a plus or a minus in your home from the information you just read. Whatever you do, you should make a decision that’s most beneficial to you and your family. 

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