What Is a Custom Home?

Shopping for a new home may have you considering whether you can afford to build a custom home. Custom homes come in handy if you’ve already begun researching only to come up short. Maybe you are having difficulty finding a home that meets your family’s needs. With a custom home, you can build it and design it as you’d wish.

Custom Home Defined

Custom homes are homes that are built exactly as you wish, including the number of bathrooms and bedrooms. You are in full control of making every design decision in your home. You’ll be in charge of deciding the type of hardware you would like to install on your kitchen cabinets. Many people choose to build custom homes for reasons such as being able to choose the location they’d like to live.

The process of building a custom home involves becoming involved with a project manager and builder. The builder you hire will help you make important decisions, such as the floor plan layout and the exterior and interior designs.

A custom builder will also assist you with anything in relation to building your new home, including preparation. He or she will keep you up to date on the progress of your home.

Some homeowners decide to hire contractors and architects, both of which could be expensive. You have a full duty of making sure that the area in which your home is being constructed meets all requirements, such as local permits.

Another option is to hire a custom home-building company that provides you with various floor plans and styles. These companies staff design professionals who can assist you in picking out features for your home.

Spec Homes

Spec homes, on the other hand, are homes that are move-in ready. They’re mainly built as exhibit homes for new communities. The builder is in charge of choosing everything, including finishes. The display homes or spec homes are designed to appeal to potential buyers. These aren’t homes for those looking for custom homes. 

Spec homes are already designed with features that were chosen by the builder. However, if you purchase a spec home earlier on, you may have the option of choosing various features of your liking. Custom remodeling is still an option if you wish to make any changes to a spec home that has already been completed. Spec homes make the perfect choice for those who don’t have much time to purchase a home.


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