Custom Cabinet Lighting: Ideas and Inspiration

Custom Cabinet Lighting: Ideas and Inspiration

Cabinet lighting is one of the most popular design trends for kitchens and other living spaces. It provides gorgeous accent lighting that illuminates kitchens, bathrooms, and other living areas in a unique and sophisticated way. Cabinet lighting can provide ambiance, highlight specific areas of your home, and add to the overall ambiance of a room. One great way to customize your kitchen or living area is with custom cabinet lighting. In this blog post, we’ll explore ideas and inspiration for custom cabinet lighting that will elevate your home’s design.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is one of the most common types of cabinet lighting. It’s placed just below the cabinets and provides overhead light without being too harsh. This type of lighting is a great way to provide additional task lighting in the kitchen, as it can help illuminate countertops and make it easier to prepare food. Under cabinet lighting is also perfect for accentuating a backsplash, highlighting cookbooks or decorative items on open shelves. There are many different types of under cabinet lighting, including LED strips or puck light fixtures.

LED Strip Lighting

LED strip lighting is a popular choice for under cabinet lighting. It combines energy efficiency, longevity, and durability all in one. These strips are a flexible and customizable option that can be cut to the perfect length for your space. LED strip lighting comes in a variety of colors, including warm white, cool white, and a range of other color options that provide additional flexibility for customization.

Puck Lights

Puck lights are another popular choice for under cabinet lighting. These small, circular lights can be installed flush with the bottom of the cabinet or slightly recessed. They provide bright, focused light that is perfect for task lighting but can also serve as an accent light. Puck lights are available in both LED and halogen bulbs, so you can choose the type of lighting that works best for your space.

In-Cabinet Lighting

In-cabinet lighting is another type of cabinet lighting that can help create ambiance and add interest to your living space. Think of this as the lighting you install inside cabinets, shelves, or closets, to make those areas easier to see and more interesting to look at!

Glass Door Cabinets

If your kitchen features cabinets with glass doors or open shelving, add small LED strip lights to the inside of the cabinets. You could also consider small puck lights installed in each shelf to highlight decorative items and create a bit of quaintness.

Wine Glass Racks

Another area you can benefit from in-cabinet lighting is above wine glass racks. This is a perfect area to install a small LED strip that highlights the beauty of the glasses, making the area more elegant and chic.

Customized Cabinet Lighting Ideas

In addition to under and in cabinet lighting, there are plenty of other ways you can customize your cabinet lighting to create a sophisticated, polished look. Here are some of the most popular ideas and inspirations:

1. Toe-Kick Lighting

Toe-kick lighting is a trend that’s becoming increasingly popular. It involves placing LED strips underneath the cabinets or in strategic spots hidden under the toe-kick of your kitchen cabinets. This lighting works as a great accent light for your kitchen, creating a soft, warm glow that adds ambiance to your space.

2. Upper Cabinet Lighting

Upper cabinet lighting creates a beautiful backlight and sets off wall art or other decorative items on display in the kitchen. This type of lighting can be added to the top of cabinets and serves as a soft light that radiates from behind the cabinet. It’s a great way to highlight specific areas of the kitchen and adds a beautiful touch of elegance.

3. Uplighting

Uplighting refers to the type of lighting that’s directed upward, from the floor, or from near the feet of the furniture, etc. It can be used to highlight specific kitchen accessories, such as glass front cabinets or a granite countertop, or under kitchen islands for a beautiful visual effect. Uplighting creates a unique dimension to your kitchen and opens up a new range of custom development.

4. Wireless Lighting

Another option to consider is wireless lighting, which involves installing LED lights that require no wiring. This option adds extra convenience in certain areas of the kitchen, such as an island, pantry, or cabinet.


Customized cabinet lighting adds a unique dimension to any kitchen, bathroom, or living space. The options are infinite to create an ambiance that meets the specific needs of your area. From under cabinet lighting to toe-kick lighting and other creative ways to add accent lighting to your space, there are plenty of ways to transform your home with elegant lighting. So, if you’re considering a kitchen renovation or giving your family room a facelift, think about custom cabinet lighting as an option. It’s a great way to create a beautiful, custom ambiance in your home.

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