Top Renovations That Will Increase Home Value

Buying a house is a huge commitment—and an even bigger investment. Over time, you may get the urge to update a room or renovate the entire house, which, when done right, can do wonders for your property value.

Home remodeling in Gainesville, GA can benefit the whole family! Here’s a look at six home renovations that will increase the value of your property:

  • Home office: More and more companies these days offer employees the option to work remotely. If this is the case for you, then a home office space could be beneficial for your career needs and the value of your home. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a ready-to-go home office or an extra bedroom to use for work. Luckily, an unused room or just some extra space in your home can be converted into a home office, so long as electrical outlets can be installed and there’s a steady internet connection.
  • Basements: Another home value boosting remodeling project is a finished basement. If you have an existing basement, finishing it off is a way to add more livable space to your home. A basement can be transformed into a man cave, personal bar, playroom for the kids, a theater room or even a space for pets. The transformation is a relatively easy process, depending on the current condition of the basement space. Adding a bathroom during a basement remodel can increase your home value even more.
  • Custom closets: Everyone can use extra closet space. However, you need to be smart about the construction of the space. Consult professional closet remodelers with expertise in creating organization systems for residential closets.
  • Kitchens: Although kitchen remodels can add a lot of value to your home, take care not to go crazy. When planning a kitchen remodel, it’s important to consider the difference between the costs of the labor and materials compared to the home’s value. For instance, a home with an already-high value has a good chance at recouping the cost of natural stone countertops quickly, while many homes of varying values can absorb the cost of updated kitchen appliances quite well.
  • Bathrooms: All homes need bathrooms. These are important spaces, but many homes do not have enough bathrooms, or they are horribly outdated. Potential buyers are less likely to want a home with ancient or insufficient bathrooms. Consider updating bathroom spaces or amenities, or add a full bathroom to increase a home’s appeal.
  • Laundry rooms: A laundry room or mud room is an excellent addition for any family home. These spaces are typically enclosed by walls and doors, making them functional yet out of sight. When considering adding a laundry room or mud room addition, choose useful amenities like cabinets, shelves, benches, cubbies and coat hooks. If your home already has an old mud room, it may be time to upgrade it with better storage and organization features.

At Covenant Woodworks, you can rest assured that our home remodeling services are nothing but professional. Let us help you increase your home value in Gainesville, GA—call us today to learn more!

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