Creating a Functional Home Office

When working from home, you need a practical and professional workspace that keeps your home life and your work life separate. You want a space that is comfortable, a place you will want to be in when productivity is demanded. Your home office should be more than a simple desk and chair—rather, it should be a functional space that matches the design of the rest of your home. If this description doesn’t match the space you are currently working in, it’s time for a home office remodel in Gainesville, GA.

Here are a few tips to create a home office space that works for you:

  • Pick an optimal location: Think about what works best for your needs if you have an option for the location of your home office. If you need peace and quiet, make sure it is in a spot with minimal foot traffic. If you will have clients stopping by, put the office near the entryway. Make sure you have enough space for all of your furniture and professional needs.
  • Consider your workflow: Pick furniture that both matches the style of the rest of your home and is functional for your work. Figure out what you need easy access to before purchasing new office furniture. And remember, the advantage of a home office is that you can make it personalized, so add in touches that make you feel at home without sacrificing flow.
  • Use space wisely: If you’re in a smaller space, you need to carefully consider the square footage. Use the space more efficiently by hanging floating shelves, using vertical file storage and decorating with helpful storage like baskets or cubes.
  • Choose the perfect color: Pick a color that you love and helps you work well. If you love bright colors, now is the time to add them to your workspace. If you want a calming environment, consider soft greens and blues. Add homey accessories and prints to tie the room together after your custom home office in Gainesville, GA is complete.
  • Take in the view: If you have a window in your office, position your desk so you can look outside. If not, give yourself something else exciting or inspiring to look at. Hang a painting or your child’s artwork a short glance away from your computer monitor.
  • Disguise unsightly cords: With the technology needed for a home office, cords are inevitable. Plan your layout so your equipment will be close to outlets. Make the visible cords look more tidy and professional by wrapping them in fabric cord covers or tubing.

Home office remodel in Gainesville, GA

The expert craftsmen at Covenant Woodworks are ready to turn your home office in to the professional sanctuary you need to succeed. Whether you use your home office every day, or just on the days you’re not on the road, the professionals at Covenant Woodworks can help you reimagine your space, with every detail exuding both your personal and professional style. Call us today to make your dream a reality.

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